GT Ripple

GT Ripple 1.4

You can add ripple effects to your desktop wallpaper like water or mirror
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GT Ripple allows you to add ripple effects to your desktop wallpaper like waves or mirror. After installing the program you can run the program clicking in "Windows start menu-All Programs-GT Desktop-GT Ripple". Also an "R" icon will be added in the system try. With right click in the system try icon you will be able to open the main window (options), refresh desktop, suspend the ripple effect, hide desktop icons, and exit. Opening the main window you will see many icon buttons in the top and sliding bar buttons that will help you to adjust the ripple effect. The first icon button will enable/disable the "mirror" effect. This effect will make a mirror effect from the upper part of the picture. When enabling the mirror effect you can use the second icon button to reflect the windows in the upper section and the third icon button to reflect desktop icons. The fourth icon button will hide/unhide all desktop icons. The fifth icon button will avoid rippling desktop icons. The sixth icon button changes the effect horizontal or undulated. The seventh icon button gives wave direction up or down. The eighth icon button allows you to use a region for the effect. When the use region button is enabled you can use the ninth icon button to edit a region for the effect (It will open paint program by default). Once the edit program is opened you can select the desired area by filing the area with the selected mask color. The tenth icon button will allow you to change the ripple mask color. The eleventh icon button allows you to delete the region. Finally the twelfth icon button allows you to choose the mask edit program. The sliding bar buttons will increase or decrease the corresponding effect. With the advanced options you will be able to mark/unmark start the program at startup, use transparent icons, the region progress bar, and the sliding bar button to refresh delay.

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  • You can select just a region or all the lower part of the window for the effect. Also you can select the program to edit the selected region


  • There is not help available. Avoid rippling desktop could not work
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